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Founded in August 2016 by Mr. Diego Preve Damiani, Preve + Associates is a headhunting company, that works for banks and family offices on their private bankers and financial advisors recruiting process.

It is led by Mr. Diego Preve Damiani, senior consultant with more than 8 years of recruiting experience for international companies and prestigious banks.

There is an extensive professional net, based in the US and Switzerland, who supports our job and enriches the recruiting process. Also, it is remarkable the periodic trips to the region countries (Brazil and Argentina), US and Switzerland in order to interview personally the most outstanding candidates.


The company headquarters are in Montevideo, Uruguay and also work with international associates based in the US and Switzerland that guarantee effectiveness in every step of the recruiting process.
Trust and win-win agreements are our core values to keep long term and valued relationships.

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"Working with Diego was undoubtedly a worthwhile experience. His constant support, attention to detail and outstanding service made my relocation from Julius Baer to London rather smoothly. He is an excellent professional to work with; I highly recommend his services."

Tomás del Campo

Client Associate, Julius Bår

"Diego is an excellent profesional who guided and supported me during the Outplacement process from UBS to form my own company, VNP group. He is a trustworthy person and offers strategic and well planned advice. I know I can count on him."

Verónica Núñez previtali

Manager, UBS

"I consider Diego´s participation was very helpful for the outplacement process after leaving Grupo Itaú BBA Brasil. Not only giving calm but also to elaborate ideas to improve employability for future positions. Thanks to this help I could go towards the right way."

Sergio Alves da Silva

Back Office Manager, Banco Itaú BBA BRASIL

"I am pleased to have met Diego after leaving Cisco. It is remarkable his hard working profile and dedication during the 3 months Outplacement process. He is very well connected and offered me his networking in order to apply for the best job positions. Actually, I am CEO on SPOT Monitoreo IoT and technological entrepreneur."

Ricardo Pena Villalba

Solutions Sales Specialist

"Working with Diego and his team was a very good experience from the professional and human point of view. He has been very helpful during the whole process. Without doubt I recommend his services."

Javier Fernández Rickeboer

Commercial Manager

"We are very satisfied with the recruiting process and outsourcing for the accounting area of our company. The process was on time and the candidates who were introduced were all capable. It is also remarkable the kindness, accessibility and the focus on every step."

Nicolás Geymonat

Human Resources Manager

"Our experience on the recruiting process working with Diego Preve and his team was very good. We had found candidates with our shared values and self confidence to grow in our company."

Cr. Juan Andrés Flores